A healthy growing business

Raw materials and convenience for healthy living

Traditional Mexican Jalapeños are also becoming more popular in the local cuisine. As pickled jalapeños are not just a must for burritos and burgers. They also ideally complement many dishes where a little spiciness livens dishes up. Stuffed jalapeños are also a delicious starter. Jalapeños, as well as cornichons/gherkins or various types of peppers already pickled as a semi-finished product (e.g. pitted and stalked), are among the products that we import and which, with our help, fill antipasti trays and preserving jars, among other things.

Our range also includes cucumbers, carrots, various kinds of peppers, dried tomatoes, olives as well as classic winter vegetables such as celeriac and of course white and red cabbage and other cabbage varieties. Vegetables from the cabbage family, which are extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre,

are ideal for a healthy and tasty diet in the cold months. For these, we have contacts with first-class farms in Germany and the Netherlands.

The fruit that we obtain from various premium producers, mostly from European growing areas, is also rich in vitamins and tasty. Whether the processing industry needs sour or sweet cherries, plums or many other fruits, we procure them.

Healthy plants need hardly any pesticides, we make sure of that. Constant improvement processes and strict controls enable us to maintain a consistently high level of quality. And perfected logistics guarantee attractive prices for customers with high product quality.