Our core competence is freshly harvested fruit and vegetables

Healthy products from the best growing areas

As freshness specialists and service-focused partners to the canning and delicatessen industry, we take care of everything to do with the production and transport of high-quality foods. Our range includes all fruit and vegetable products relevant for the canning and delicatessen industry from all major growing countries within and outside the EU, both fresh and deep-frozen, as raw materials or semi-finished products, for example as fresh cut foods.

We see ourselves as an important link in our customers’ supply chain. In addition to purchases on the open market, we accompany our core products, such as Jalapeño pepper variety or gherkins/cornichons from cultivation until they are delivered to our customers. This includes both selecting the seed and pesticides to be used within the framework of the legal requirements. Continuous soil analyses, pesticide residue analyses and microbiological tests guarantee the food safety of the products we trade. We work with selected farms, most of which have

proven themselves over many years and share our commitment to quality.

Our trading and service company is committed to modern, sustainable cultivation methods that have little impact on the environment. The safety of residue levels with fruit and vegetables goes just as much without saying for us as the continuous availability of goods. High hygiene, logistics and process standards are the result of continuous improvement work.

As organisation specialists, we relieve the processing industry of the whole import process, take care of logistics and customs clearance for third countries and take over the conscientious quality assurance for the sensitive natural products at all times. J.H. Wagenaar Fruchthandel GmbH, partner to the canning and delicatessen industry.